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Our Story

Both Wendy and Susan grew up in the mid 1960’s in the suburbs of New York City. As young teenagers, hours were spent searching the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Which inhabited some of the most culturally diverse antiquities in the world. From Ming Dynasty, to Egyptian artifacts. This is in many ways inspired their deeper interest in 3 dimensional form.

They both studied ceramics at the Kansas City Art Institute in the 1970's. During this post Vietnam era there was an emergence of clay as medium first and foremost.

Kansas City a forgotten midwestern town with a rich history of jazz. Brought another feature to their experience. Improvisation adhered itself to clay like milk and honey.

It was there that their interest in transformation began to expand. As the combination of form and function universally collide, so does their creativity.

Wendy’s approach to wool felt making came from her KC roots. Color and texture are married into complete intrinsic form, space, color and light.

Susan’s return to ceramics began in 2001 after years of working professionally as an interior designer in NY and the west coast.  She now divides her time between jewelry making and clay. And running a small interior design practice in Santa Barbara, CA.

Wendy runs a landscaping business in Providence RI, and they both find time on either coast to visit and have coffee